Minnesota Vikings should be hoping for a Carolina Panthers win on Sunday

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 31: Cam Newton /

Minnesota Vikings fans should be cheering for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

The NFL playoffs are upon us and only two games in we have seen craziness and upsets. That is what Wild Card weekend is all about and, frankly, what makes it the most fun. It is a good thing that the Minnesota Vikings got to go past the round with their first round bye.

With the craziness going around, the Vikings should be cheering for the Carolina Panthers to defeat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday afternoon. We learned in the first NFC game of the weekend that quarterbacks are the important beating soul to a football team and the Vikings should much rather want to face Cam Newton than Drew Brees.

Matt Ryan was a machine for the Falcons on Saturday completing 21-30 passes for 218 yards and a touchdown. Ryan did this while consistently finding star receiver Julio Jones whom had nine catches on 10 targets for 94 yards and a touchdown. Thus quarterback to wide receiver connection was back in action.

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Drew Brees can do the same exact thing. He is simply one of the best quarterbacks of all-time and is the quarterback that would have the best chance of picking apart the Vikings defense. This isn’t trying to take away the solidness of Cam Newton. Newton is good, but he’s, at least not currently, one of the best to ever play the position like Brees.

There are no easy games when it comes time for the playoffs, but there is easier roads and Carolina looks to clearly be the better potential matchup for the Vikings.

It sometimes feels weird to cheer for anyone other than the team that you love, but if you love the Vikings and you want them to achieve to the highest level, break out your Carolina Panthers blue on Sunday.

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The Minnesota Vikings will face the winner of the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints game next Sunday. That game is scheduled for 3:40 from U.S. Bank Stadium.