Zimmer deserves some criticism for Floyd comments


Sharrif Floyd took to instagram to confront Mike Zimmer about comments the head coach made regarding Floyd and his injury. 

Mike Zimmer has been everything the Vikings could hope for in a head coach. The minute he was hired, his blue-collar attitude and tough guy defense made him a fan favorite and along with Rick Spielman’s roster, has the Vikings set up to be contenders for several years. We should appreciate all of those things but we should also acknowledge that Zimmer mishandled Sharrif Floyd’s injury situation, badly.

Sharrif Floyd took to instagram recently to vent his frustrations with Zimmer’s comments about him in the press over the past two seasons. Floyd has been recovering from a knee injury and then a botched surgery, neither of which should have been held against the DT. Unfortunately, Zimmer took to the press and seemed to question Floyd’s toughness while basically dismissing the prospect of him returning from the injury.

Although its fair to assume Zimmer had no idea Floyd was dealing with surgery complications when he was making those comments, It’s hard to blame Floyd for being upset here. Also, it is not a good look for Zimmer or the Vikings when the head coach is essentially excommunicating an injured player.

There is no good end result as Zimmer will not be apologizing to Floyd and Floyd will not be traveling back in time to return to his life pre-injury. It’s a shame that these two weren’t able to destroy offenses together and for Floyd, a shame that such a promising talent was derailed by such a terribly unfortunate and unfair situation.

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Zimmer is still the coach the Vikings hoped he’d be, they just hoped he would have handled this one differently.