Minnesota Twins should move Brian Dozier to third base

CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 27: Brian Dozier (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 27: Brian Dozier (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Let’s get crazy and improve the Minnesota Twins by shifting over Brian Dozier.

The Minnesota Twins had a pretty darn good 2017. A playoff appearance while almost using 40 total pitchers is pretty impressive and means that the everyday players were pretty darn good every day for the Twins. One of those key contributors was Brian Dozier, but it is time to move the slugging second baseman.

No, the Twins shouldn’t trade Dozier, but instead the team should move him over to third base. Let’s just think about this for a little bit.

First off, you might be thinking that third base is Miguel Sano’s position and it kind of is.  Sure, that’s where Sano played this season but we’d be kidding ourselves if we think that’ll be Sano’s position in the future. Sano is destined for a career of playing first base and appearing as a designated hitter. The Twins and Paul Molitor might as well get the ball rolling and have Sano splitting time at first and DH starting in 2018.

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Second, Jorge Polanco played well enough to have on the team for the foreseeable future. The problem is the Twins have a logjam of shortstops and Polanco looks like he’d translate nicely to the second base side of the middle infield.

Third, this move would get hot prospect Nick Gordon on the Twins roster at the shortstop position. While the Twins could move Polanco to third, it makes sense to have Gordon and Polanco up the middle and create a middle infield that could be in those positions for the next decade. The chemistry between the two middle infielders is a really important aspect to a baseball team.

Fourth, Dozier fits the bill as a third baseman. Dozier has a good enough bat and power to stick at third. Plus, Dozier’s glove could be above-average at third base.

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It might be a slightly crazy idea, but I think it is an idea that betters the Twins as a whole. The Twins are better with Dozier on the team and this move could easier keep him on the roster as the team ramps up to be a World Series contender.